The Golden Yam

Tuberhood of Rhule

Spheres: Harvest, Prosperity, Justice, Good.

In a peculiar twist of fate, the Tuberhood of Rhule several hundred years ago was committed to the worship of a vegetable by its previous ruler, presumed by many (foreign) scholars to have been quite insane. Convinced of the beneficence and wisdom of a particular yam he found in the palace garden one balmy afternoon, the king decreed that it should be plated in gold and worshipped by all in the kingdom as their new ruler, abdicating the throne himself the following week. Whether the yam was in fact sentient, or some other deity has stepped in to adopt its guise, is not clear; however, the fact remains that priests of the Golden Yam are quite capable of performing divine spells and blessings.

The Golden Yam’s colors are orange and gold; his symbol is (predictably) a golden yam.

The Golden Yam

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