Evian Pantheon

Spheres: War, Honor, Strength, Law, Tyranny.

Rymerian was a relatively minor deity in the Evian pantheon until a military coup, known as “The Liberation” in official history, replaced the benevolent but indolent [[Eve-Lyrian Kingdom | monarchy]] that ruled before. He was swiftly promoted to patron deity of the state, and as more and more Evians are drafted into the army, his following has burgeoned. Priests of Rymerian are dour, serious types, who believe in law and order above issues of good and evil, and the need to pursue strength to protect one’s rights. His temples are a hybrid of barracks, forge, armory, and place of worship, and all Evian regiments have at least one Rymerian priest attached to them.

His colors are amber and steel; his symbol is a glowing cog crossed by a sword.


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