The World of Rahymn is home to a staggering array of races, though many live in isolation from one another, or bear deep xenophobic hatred towards others.

Dragonborn are native to the continent of Vordhyal, the northernmost and highest of the three continents. There they have coalesced under the banner of the monarchy of Gunnheim, a stawart and serious kingdom renowned for its siegeproof architecture, ingenious heat-distrubution mechanisms, and unparalleled metalcraft in forging weapons and armor. All dragonborn of Vordhyal have scales ranging from pure white to deep, night-sky blue, and their breath weapon is universally cold.

Elves of Rahymn exist on all three continents, divided into distinct tribal sub-races that have little connection with one another. Each subrace is connected to its own version of the Fey, reflecting the natural environs to which they have adapted. The subraces are Pale Elves, Arbor Elves, Lush Elves, and Arach Elves.

Humans are universal to the continents of Rahymn, but are most numerous on the largest continent, [[Ash-Hael]]. Their culture ranges from the barbarian tribes on the steppes of Vordhyal to the elaborate and refined religio-philosophic Ashvadan Caliphate. They have founded and ruled many of the most powerful empires and kingdoms in Rahymn. Their skins tend towards honey-brown tones, though they are paler in Vordhyal and darker in Ghat.

Half-Elves are not uncommon but nor are they encountered every day, owing to the reclusive tendencies of the four elven tribes. They invariably reflect their elvish parent’s sub-race in their appearance, carrying similar coloration, but are more typically found among human cultures, where they are more readily accepted. They are sterile, but affable sorts and frequently found working the airships that ply the windpath between the continents.

Shavari are a small, nomadic race of gypsy-like individuals who hail originally from the northeastern fringe of the Ashvadan Caliphate. They are encountered everywhere in Rahymn, however, in caravans and bands that trade goods and entertainment to make their way, swapping tales and songs with any who will share them.

Dwarves are found in the mountains of western Ash-Hael and north-western Vordhyal, in two distinct racial strains, Amethyst Dwarves and Smelter Dwarves. The smelter dwarves once had a kingdom stretching under much of the mountain ranges of Ash-Hael, but that kingdom has since fallen and dwarves today live in isolated underground colonies, or among the cities of their human neighbors.

Goliaths can be found in small clans in any mountain range around Rahymn. Their culture is unsophisticated and heavily influenced by nativist traditions.

Shifters live in small clans, hidden from the view of the humans who frequently persecute them. Rare exceptions exist, including among the Junker Princedoms, where several tribes of razorclaw shifters have risen to notoriety as assassins and mercenaries for hire.

Tieflings are found only in the deep jungles of Ghat. They first appeared as the rulers of a bloodthirsty dynasty, spreading voraciously out from the darkest jungles in the name of the demon-god Drould. Near its end the empire spanned most of the continent, but they ultimately devoured themselves in a paroxysm of violence. Today most tiefling tribes live in deep isolation, far from the coastal fields of the Tuberhood of Rhule. Some have eschewed the bloody worship of Drould which created them, while others continue to practice his dark rituals of the hunt among the vines.

The species known as eladrin, gnomes, and deva are unheard of on Rahymn.


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