Geography and Climate

The three largest landmasses of Rahymn each include a broad variety of terrain, but can be characterized by a dominant one. Ghat, the smallest and middle in elevation, is largely covered by jungle, rising steeply into a wide and lushly forested mountain range in the west. [[Ash-Hael]], the largest and lowest, consists mostly of desert and savannah, and has the largest number of ruins. Towards its west and south the terrain becomes more temperate, including grasslands and deciduous forests of enormous wroughtwood trees. Vordhyal, the northernmost continent and highest, is cold year-round and made up of grasslands, tundra, ice flats, and snow-bound mountains.

Every continent has some amount of ocean along part of its coastline, though none are encircled. These bodies of water, often quite vast, stretch to the end of the rock which forms their base, and there they simply stop—as though one reality had terminated and another taken over. The nature of the barrier remains a mystery to both scholars and arcanists. Occasionally an incautious fish will emerge from the wall of still water, and plummet, thrashing, to its demise.

The climate of all three continents is fairly hospitable, though extreme conditions may be encountered in the desert, jungle, or arctic wastes. During the Long Night snow falls even in the desert; during Soul the tundra in Vordhyal thaws, but the snow on the mountains does not melt. The deserts can be deadly to the ill-prepared year-round, as can the snowy wilds of Vordhyal. In Ghat the seasons have a stronger resemblance to rainy/dry than summer/winter, though the dry season is slightly cooler (and coincides with the Long Night). During the Long Night temperatures plummet across the entire planet, and most cultures maintain a private vigil within their homes until it is over. Those left exposed to the elements for longer than a day during such times will almost always perish.

Several smaller islets, floating in the nether-space between landmasses, are also inhabited. These rarely have gateways, and are only accessibly by flight. In large part they are inhabited by savages or no-one at all, though a few have become home to colonists or governments (and societies) in exile.

Travel between the landmasses is achieved primarily by means of [[Vaul-Gates]] (named after the first researcher to successfully activate one) or airship/dirigible. The latter is often more convenient, as only a few Vaul-Gates exist, and suspiciously convenient prevailing winds allow regular flight patterns between the main three continents. Flight within continents is less common due to the absence of such winds—only a few routes may be reliably flown, and these at a pace that only barely challenges that of a horse or camel (the tendency of savages to shoot at anything, and the vulnerability of dirigible envelopes, compounds this problem). Attempts to magically encourage the wind, at a remove from the protective influence of the landmass’ surface, almost always incite Cataclysmic fallout and lead to the demise of the ship and all aboard.

Geography and Climate

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