Magic occupies a double-standard in its presence on the world of Rahymn: although encountering arcane-influenced objects, places, or creatures is not uncommon, the actual practice of magic is extremely rare. Many of the civilizations that rose across Rahymn in the distant past achieved some level of magical acumen, and their legacy are the arcane-afflicted creatures and ruins which litter the continents. No modern civilization encourages the use or study of the arcane, and several prohibit it outright. Most people believe magic use was the cause of the Cataclysm, and by association the downfall of many if not all past civilizations, and shun it accordingly.

Only those who have dedicated themselves extensively to study of the Lost Empire have unlocked the basics of spell-casting and enchantment, though there are also intermittent reports of persons born with a natural aptitude for thaumaturgy. Generally feared and often hated by their fellow citizens, arcane practitioners lead solitary lives, hiring themselves out to exploration companies or as private spies to make a living. They almost never serve the public good, as the public doesn’t want whatever good they have to offer. More than one floating islet is home to a hermetic and antipathetic mage, and these are best approached with caution if at all, as they are usually heavily warded.

The elite tend to maintain a more open-minded approach to magic, seeing it as a powerful tool for both politics and their private lives, and the most powerful among them will often retain a private magician on their staff, often-as-not under the guise of some other advisory role. Not infrequently, the extremely wealthy will dabble in magic themselves, and a few more serious clandestine practitioners have risen high in their society’s circles, particularly in the deadly political stratospheres of the Ashvadan Caliphate.

Dwarves have a deep-seated hatred of magic, a peculiar position given their deep fascination with the Lost Empire and its engineering prowess. Many dwarves maintain that magic is a dangerous short-cut to what the Lost Empire achieved principally through scientific genius, and believe that if properly understood many relics would reveal themselves as not magical at all. Smelter Dwarves are slightly less thaumophobic than their amethyst cousins, but both subspecies will shun any member who foolishly chooses to pursue an arcane path.

In some communities, such as the tieflings and lush elves deep in the Thurvan jungles of Ghat, the fey communities in the wroughtwood forests of [[Ash-Hael]], or the Shavari in the north-east of the Caliphate, arcane practices are slightly more common than elsewhere. These communities are invariably small and insular, however, and their magics so closely tied to their homelands or cultures as to be quite limited for external use (the spells used by arbor elves to warp wroughtwood trees, for instance, do not work on other sorts of tree).

It should be noted that arcane magic is considered entirely distinct from divine magic, which is quite commonly and openly practiced by priests of all religions.


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